Chakra Immersion
May 18th Ellingham Church Hall Ringwood
10 – 12.30 £18. Please book early. Pre- booking essential
The 4th of the 6 monthly workshops focusing on the Chakras (energy centres).
We are made of energy we have energy in every cell in our bodies. In yogic philosophy this energy is in separate areas of the body and each one has a dedicated function. We will discover how to help balance the chakras, and create harmony to our whole systems.

Chakra Four Anahata Love (that which cannot be destroyed)
The purpose of the 4th Chakra is love, and to integrate and balance the aspects of our being . Its basic right is the right to love. This is our spiritual centre, our core.  When balanced it brings about a feeling of peace and wholeness from a lack of need or desire and with an acceptance that all is well. The element of the 4th Chakra is air, representing openness, lightness and simplicity. Air represents the breath. The one main thing that keeps us alive.  Called Prana by Hindus this is the vital energy which all life is made of. Prana is the link between the mind and the breath. An unbalanced 4th Chakra could result in dis-orders of the heart, lungs, thymus, breasts and arms, circulatory problems, asthma and immune system deficiency. Today will focus on breathing exercises, meditation, chanting and very gentle postures to help open and balance the heart Chakra. The workshop is open to all including beginners.

The morning will consist of one and half hours theory and one hours asana practice involving the techniques described above, this prior knowledge gained in the theory session will enable a deeper physical practice.The asana practice is very gentle and will consist of mainly meditation, breath work and gentle opening postures. . A handout will be given with comprehensive details of the workshop.
Following sessions June 22nd.
The workshop is open to all including beginners.
To Book Please contact Jane.