Chakra Workshop February 16th Ellingham Church hall Ringwood

10 – 12 £15 Pre booking essential

This is the 2nd of the 6 monthly workshops looking closely at the Chakras (energy centres).
 We are made of energy we have energy in every cell in our bodies. In yogic philosophy this energy is separated into centres of the body and each one has a different function.

Chakra Two Water
Movement is the essence of the second Chakra. The ability to let go and let your life flow.
Do you find life quite stressful. Do you feel that you are always up against it, that you are running out of time and control. Awareness of the second Chakra allows us to adapt to change, adopting new encounters and not putting up resistance to change. Learn how this energy centre could be blocked and may manifest as a physical dis-ease. Develop techniques through postures, meditation, chanting and visualisation to help balance the energy in this centre and help promote health and peace through your whole system.
The morning will consist of one hours theory and one hours practice involving the techniques described above. A handout will be given with comprehensive details of the workshop.
Open to all including beginners.
Following sessions  March, 23rd April, 6th

To Book Please contact Jane.

Yoga and Gong Baths 2019 

Yoga teaches us to “Let go “and allow ourselves to flow naturally through the year recognising each seasons special attributes and match our energy to their unique energies. Relaxing, releasing and  re- energising and creating vitality when required.

Specifically designed to allow you to flow with the seasons. Each workshop includes postures, pranayama, mantras and meditations.

A Gong bath by Lara tuning into the current energy will follow each session to allow us to immerse further.

 Saturdays 10 -12.30  £20 Ellingham Church Hall Ringwood

February 23rd,   July `13th,  September 28th ,  December 7th 2019