One to One Sessions and Yoga Therapy

Yoga is not just a series of postures, but a way of enhancing your whole life mentally and physically. Yoga therapy views the human as multi-dimensional, body, breath, mind and more. Yoga therapy views each individual as unique, it gives tools to help empower YOU.  One size does not fit all. One normally turns to yoga therapy when looking to improve  yoga practice or in need of physical or emotional help, for example physically problems such as frozen shoulder, back problems or asthma can be addressed or emotionally anxiety and stress related problems.  

 In a therapy session your individual needs and health concerns are examined and a yoga practice is tailored to your requirements with a mutally agreed goal and plan over time. This plan could incorporate postures, breath work, meditation, diet, life style changes and more. You do not have to be competent at yoga or even to have practised yopga to benefit from yoga therapy as it is tailored to you. An initial assessment is taken and a yoga programme of about 20 minutes structured for your daily practice. A second appointment is required a week later to assess progress and a subsequent 4 or more sessions are required during the following months for you and the programme to develop.

 Yoga therapy can help with these conditions and more, anxiety, stress, insomnia, eating disorder, digestive problems, asthma, MS, Parkinsons, back ache, strength and stamina.

I am a fully qualified yoga therapist and yoga teacher. I have been teaching yoga for 18 years and practising yoga therapy for 4 years after an intensive post graduate 2 year training. Sessions are taken at my home in Ringwood, or I can travel to you.

Cost £35 per I hour session.

Please contact Jane for more information and to book     Tel 07808 868 500