One to One Sessions and Yoga Therapy

Yoga is not simply a series of poses but a way of life, encompassing diet, exercise, meditation, lifestyle, relaxation, self empowerment  and self awareness.  It promotes the bodies natural healing powers and can be used to treat a wide range of health problems both physical and emotional.  I am a fully qualified yoga therapist  and can offer one to one therapy sessions at my home in Ringwood, or I will travel to your home.  In the first session a yoga practice is tailored to your requirements this will involve gentle postures , breath work and other yoga therapies. A detailed written out yoga practice is given to you to take away Subsequent visits are then arranged as required. 

 Part of my yoga therapy training was an in depth study and project into how Yoga can help people with Parkinsons disease, there are now many reports confirming how a yoga practice is benefiting them and helping them cope with the disease . I have taught yoga to Parkinsons groups and MS groups.                                                 

£25 first session, £35 there after.  1 hour sessions. Normally a 2nd session is booked a week after the first to ensure the practice is understood then a 3rd session 2 – 3 weeks after, then a fourth a month or so after that.

These are some of the yoga therapies.

Pranayama  Breath Control

Yogic breathing and proper breathing are an integral part of yoga practice and the key to improving health and  well being.

Restorative yoga and Meditation

Effective in reducing anxiety, fatigue and nervousness.

Asanas  Postures

To open, loosen, strengthen and empower the body. To release stress and toxins from the body and create a feeling of energy,  well being and calm.                                

Energy Work

Working with the energetic  systems, removing internal  blockages and creating a free flow of energy through the whole system. Body, breath and mind.



              Please contact Jane  for more details 07808 868 500